Overfishing : Cod fish quota

I've referred in a prior post to overfishing of the cod fish, and the importance that the International regulations have had to control overfishing, by establishing fishing quotas. I must say that not all is positive, At the beginning of the period when every shipping vessel has its full quota allowance, everything looks and works relatively well. However as the year goes by, not all goes well!
It's called discard, I see this as the most negative thing that is currently into practice, overfishing may not be effective when discards are made constantly at open sea. So what is a discard and how is it related to overfishing? Each vessel has a yearly quota defined by species, which means it may catch x tons of cod fish, y tons of haddock, z of ... and so on...
In truth fishing has evolved so  much since the good old days and a lot of technology and information is used, however the trawler fishing can't control the quantity or the species it captures. So to avoid overfishing and penalties, the whole capture is carefully inspected on board and all fish over quota is discarded, this means dropped back into the ocean dead. Yes, dead! Which means technically it was fished, however it was not registered as part of the quota ... so what happens in reality, is that in certain times of the year more than 50% of the fish that is capture is thrown back into the ocean dead, which avoids penalties and other overfishing official red tape, but in reality, overfishing is still not under control.
And worse, overfishing rules currently, especially through discard practices, increase market prices, makes fishermen do unethical things, and surely s not fully contributing to control overfishing.
In my honest opinion, this overfishing policy has to be adapted quickly to this reality, it is a crime what is being done in mid ocean, and we need to quickly react to this unfortunate thing.
It is sad to see that this reality is known and shared by many people in the industry and every ruling committee, what we can question is how long do we have to wait to see things change? A decade in my opinion has been more than enough waiting period to see change, however we can not hide behind paper forever.

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