Cod fish facts

Cod fish is a very nutritious food, in fact it has a high nutritive value, with low fat. It is a dense flaky white meat fish, with a mild flavour. These are a few reasons for cod being a popular food in many cultures.
In truth cod is a a good solid protein source, these proteins are easily absorbed with, as mentioned before low fat or carbohydrates. Besides proteins cod fish also has many other nutrients that are essential to your health.

Cod Fish Nutritional Info per 100 gr
  • Calories : 82
  • Fat Calories: 6,0
  • Total Fat: 0,7 gr
  • Saturated Fat: 0,1 gr
  • Cholesterol: 43 mg
  • Sodium: 54 mg
  • Protein: 17,8 gr
  • Omega-3: 2 gr

Besides the nutritional values, cod fish meals have healthy effects like improving your cardiovascular health, improving skin protection, increases heart muscle function.
Cardiovascular improvements from cod fish diets are a reality, reduction of atherosclerosis and heart disease, are some of the benefits, especially for those who suffer from diabetes. It is proven that cod fish being part of a regular diet will reduce significantly the risk of heart attack. It's vitamins B12 and B6 helps maintain homocysteine at low levels, which has an important and healthy effect on blood vessels wall tissues.
Cod fish is also an important source of Omega 3, it has a positive healthy effect on improving heart muscle. Besides the reduction in ischemic stroke risk, a fish rich diet can reduce you triglyceride levels, improving your cholesterol.
It is scientifically proven that consumption of cod fish as part of a regular diet will improve you skin protection, in fact cod fish nutrients will have an anti-inflammatory effect on your body skin.
Cod fish is a delicious dish that can be cooked in hundreds of ways, so can never really get bored, and simultaneously you will be eating a very nutritious and healthy food.


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  2. Hi Norman,
    Thanks for the support. I hope to post a few great recipes, bacalhau is really a great dish any which way you bake, cook, broil, fry, grill it.