Cod cooking

Cod cooking may be a challenge for who has no idea about cod and cod processing. In truth cod cooking may need a previous soaking of the salted and dried cod. So how do you soak a salted and dry cod? Besides soaking a salted and dried cod before you do your cod cooking, you may even have other problems that you may not of been aware of, namely you probably bought a whole splitted salted and dried cod fish. How to cut a whole splitted salted and dried cod fish? I plan to answer both these questions on this post making your cod cooking an enjoyable thing for you and you family.
Well you can find several types of cod on the market, but frequently you'll find salted and dried cod, to make it edible it's important that you soak it properly, this means that your cod when ready for cooking will not be too salty or too stale. It's really important to soak your salted and dried cod properly, or you'll never really get a true flavour and taste.

How to cut your whole splitted salted and dried cod fish?

Its really common in some countries to buy whole splitted salted and dried cod fish. This type of conservation was used in the past to preserve food during long ocean voyages. And cod specifically could withstand long periods of time, so it was one of the main food products used in the great voyages all over the world.
The salted and dried cod as you may see in the picture has a triangular format, it's split just before the salting and drying. When you buy it the whole split salted and dried cod is roughly solid, if it bends easily this means that the humidity level may be to high, the common number for humidity level on a salted and dried cod is between 45 and 47%.
The cod will have to be cut into smaller pieces, depending on your intention to cook it, you should ask it to be cut accordingly. Many supermarkets do have cutting facilities for customers who buy cod. I personally buy salted and dried cod frequently, so I always ask for a loin cut, this means that I intend to have as many loins pieces as possible, basically the center area of the fish catching the spinal cord.
So basically we can divide the cod fish into the following common parts:
  • loins
  • napes or wings
  • tail
  • collar bone area

How to soak a salted and dried cod?
Salted and dried cod are a result of ancient methods used still today, they preserves the cod during a long period and maintain all characteristics and nutrients of the fresh fish, improving its flavour and taste.
A correct soaking of the cod will give you a well salt balanced cod ready to cook. In order to achieve a good soaking of your salted and dried cod you will need to cut your whole cod first, just like I explained, the soaking process is done with the cut to size pieces making it easier and more balanced.
First step is to put some cold water into a recipiente, this recipiente will have to be big enough to put every piece in and be totally immersed in the cold water. Cold water is important, especially in the summer or in countries with hot temperatures, it preserves the cod fish during the soaking process. Dip the pieces in with the skin turned to the surface, exchange the water with clean water every 8-12 hours (at least once a day). Depending on the thickness of the cod fish pieces between 60 and 72 hours your cod fish will be ready to be consumed. Exchanging the water is important, as the water is quickly saturated with salt, and clean water will effectively help the soaking of the cod fish pieces.


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