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To my readers many thanks for reading.
I have been writting for a while about salt fish. I'm currently dedicating most of my time to the following websites / blogs. It's tough to maintain all blogs and websites at a good level without repetition of content, therefore I have made this decision to insure quality in all my blog articles and posts. You will always find interesting and current information ....

My Website and Blog in Portuguese:

Bacalhau Northern Fish
Bacalhau Dom Bacalhau

My Website and Blog in English

Salt Cod Northern Fish

My website in Spanish

Bacalao Northern Fish

My website in French

Morue Northern Fish

You can find many products either for end users either for industrial or intermediate usage. If you require any assistance, you can send us an email and we will be at your total disposal.
Once again many thanks for taking the time to read my blog, it has been a pleasure to share experiences with you.


New Website about salt cod is up and running!

To all my readers, I'm sorry for some slow writting. All in all I thank you very much!
Anyway, just to add that for salt cod and other saltfish, I'm building a multi-language platform for clients and audience.
You are invited to visit our salt cod and other saltfish websites....

In Portuguese for final consumer products, we have our premium brand for salt cod Dom Bacalhau ....
you can visit us at DomBacalhau.

In Portuguese, we have for distributors and other audience, we include salt cod and other saltfish, all of Norwegian origin, please visit us at Bacalhau.

In English, we will soon include a blog/information page on salt cod and other saltfish, you can find us at Saltfish .

In Spanish, we also have a special website for you at Bacalao.

Last but not least, we present to you our French website, to visit, just follow the Morue link.

Saltfish is a worldwide product, from South America to Europe, many cultures use these fine products in different and very creative ways.