Salted Cod

Welcome to my Salted Cod blog. I will begin a new journey today. This blog tends to help people, consumers and specialized traders in the industry about facts and issues regarding the Cod fish industry.
To make this place a welcome mat for all, I will try to post general information, like cod recipes and industry information, like the species, how things work, how to distinguish several types of cod, and how to prepare it for a delicious dish.
In truth cod fish has historically played an important part in many cuisines all over the World. And their are specific things regarding several consuming societies and I wish to reveal what I know and have learned through my experience in the field.
So, either salted, dry, frozen, cod will be the main character of this blog, and hopefully in time we will all share useful information that will constantly be helping us on our day-to-day life.
To my readers, this journey has just begun, I hope I can fulfil the information gaps that you may request. Feel free to comment, I appreciate every information that you may add, as I'm an eternal learner, as well as a writer.

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